Designing native mobile apps with Fuse


This month, BABD joined two other local meetups —the “Oakland-based UX/UI/Product Design” meetup and the “East Bay Design and Animation Group” meetup — for a trifecta design event. All three meetup groups came together to meet, mingle and learn together. The learning session focused on designing native mobile apps using Fuse.

Description: From blank screen to native mobile app in an evening – The Fuse approach

Create beautiful and expressive apps for both iOS and Android in real time, with live reload of code and content even as the app is running on the device, right in your hand.

Learn how to make native mobile apps in Fuse using Fuse Studio and UX Markup, a declarative and intuitive markup language designed specifically for creating rich mobile experiences, together with minimal JavaScript for business logic.

This talk is suitable for anyone. No prior coding experience is required.

About the speaker:
Andreas Rønning is a feature engineer with Fuse based in Oslo and Palo Alto. Before Fuse, Andreas enjoyed a diverse 15 years long career as a designer, interactive developer and musician, working in games, interactive art, expo and advertising. A freelancer for years, Andreas believes strongly in practicing pragmatism, independence and flexibility - whether it's in, ethos, approach or tooling.

Kat Vellos